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Update: 17-12–2013


 We have kittens available!

Our cats are free of: Fiv/Felv, HCM DNA (N/N) HCM en PKD echo en PL


Born the 11-11-2013:

Timaracoon’s Genesis (Blue smoke) X Feliscanicoon’s Vespertine (Black classic tabby)

  Kitten pedigree 

Name Geslacht Kleur Status Foto

Lakesidecoons Hur

male Black solid available 9d 3w. 

Lakesidecoons Hektor

male Blue (smoke?) option 9d 3w

Lakesidecoons Hercules

male Blue (smoke?) option  9d 3w
Lakesidecoons Hermes male Blue (smoke?) available 9d 3w

Born the 4-11-2013: 

Timaracoon’s Genesis (Blue smoke) X Lakesidecoons Dreamcatcher (Black classic tabby white)



Name Sex Colour Status Photos
Lakesidecoons  Gaia Female Black solid available 6d. 4w.

Lakesidecoons Gloria

Female Black smoke   available 6d. 4w.
Lakesidecoons Gytha  Female Black  tabby mackerel option 6d. 4w.
Lakesidecoons Grisha  Female  Black silver tabby mackerel available 6d. 4w. 
Lakesidecoons Gala Female

Black silver tabby mackerel with white

reservation 6d. 4w.

Lakesidecoons Geb

Male Black tabby with white option 6d. 4w. 
Lakesidecoons Gido Male Black tabby with white option 6d. 4w.


Born the 4-10-2014:

Amna Aijah Una Taima (Black tortie tabby mackerel) x Timaracoon’s Genesis (Blue smoke) 


Name Sex Color Status Photos
Lakesidecoons  Fenix  male Black smoke reservation 9d. 23d. 8w.
Lakesidecoons Flavius  male Red silver tabby mackerel reservation 9d.  23d. 8w.

The price of a kitten is 675 euro.

For breeders (1 litter is also breeding!) we maintain another price, please contact us.


* Option: someone is interested, but you still can let us know you are interested 

* Reservation: someone has made a payment for this kitten
* Evaluation: maybe the kittens stays with us
* Sold: the kitten has found a new home


4-12-2013  New photos from all the kittens!

11-11-2013  The kittens from Vespertine and Genesis are born!

9-11-2013   First photos from the new kittens

4-11-2013   The kittens from Dreamcatcher and Genesis are born!

31-10-2013  New photos from the kittens

13-10-2013  First photos from the kittens

 4-10-2013    The kittens from Taima and Genesis are born!



Who are we

 We are a small cattery on the outskirts of the city of Groningen between Lake Hoorn and Lake Piccardthof. Occasionally we will have a litter of purebred Maine Coons. Our small scale makes that the kittens get lots of attention and that they are socializing optimal. We strive to properties as friendly, healthy and beautiful. Our cats stay indoors in the spacious living room (protected) and outside in our large fenced garden.

All our cats are tested for FIV / FeLV, HCM (echo and DNA), PKD, PL                                                      


  For information about the Maine Coon kittens you can call or E-mail us, we speak English.



We are members of www.mundikat.nl